Hear from Parents

It only takes a few minutes to learn how the 5 Strengths are changing lives.

Listen as parents and grandparents share how the 5 Strengths are important for their families and why they want other families to understand them too.

Why Strength Matters

Building strong families benefits everyone – kids, parents and communities. Listen to learn more about how the 5 Strengths help families to make positive changes and support their continued growth.

Helping Kids Understand Feelings

Listen to parents sharing about how parents and children learn to deal with frustrating family moments and find ways to talk about their feelings.

Parenting as Children Grow

Parents shouldn’t expect themselves to know everything about parenting. Being open to learning more about child development and trying new parenting ideas is important preparation for parenting as children grow.

Connecting with Others

All parents and families need emotional and practical support that comes from connecting with others. Hear how a network of supportive friends benefits both parents and families.

Building Inner Strength

Building inner strength to overcome the bumps in the road is hard work, but the benefits for parents, kids and family are worth it.

Knowing How to Find Help

Learn why everyone should learn to feel comfortable reaching out to friends, family and community resources in times of need.

Introducing the 5 Strengths