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   Kids grow. New opportunities and stresses arise. Circumstances change. Families never stay the same. Yet, all families have strengths and building those strengths can help your family be better prepared for future challenges. Now that you understand the Five Strengths and why they are important, you may want to explore more about how you can recognize and build them for your own family. 

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The Five Strengths = The Five Protective Factors

Strengths are often referred to as Protective Factors in the resources below. They both mean the same thing.

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The 5 Strengths (PDF)

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Parenting as Children Grow (PDF)

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Building Inner Strength (PDF)

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Knowing How to Find Help (PDF)

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Helping Kids Understand Feelings (PDF)

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Connecting with Others (PDF)

Learn more about the Five Strengths

Research shows that there are five strengths that can help families overcome challenges and better experience everyday joys. Learn more about each of these Strengths, including how your family can build and use them in daily life.