The Five Strengths

Multiple families playing with their children in a park

Research shows all families benefit when they have these 5 Strengths. Learn more about them and explore ways to build these 5 Strengths within your daily life. The 5 Strengths encourage you to…

  • Take small but significant steps
  • Involve your family and friends
  • Try new things as your needs change
  • Discover what works for your family

The Five Strengths are also called Protective Factors.

Some people use the words Protective Factors instead of the Five Strengths. Regardless of what they are called, research has shown how important these characteristics are for helping families to overcome challenges and experience the joys of daily life.

Helping Kids Understand Feelings

Social & Emotional Competence of Children

Parenting as Children Grow

Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development

Connecting with Others

Social Connections

Building Inner Strength

Parental Resilience

Knowing How to Find Help

Concrete Support in Times of Need